The Art of SpaceActivation 

The Energy of Your Space Can Transform Your Life…

Let a Feng Shui Master Show You HOW.

Hello, Energy Activator

I am a Feng Shui & Space Healing Master and I believe that the ENERGY of your home or office is your biggest ally in making your wildest dreams come true. 

And many people in the world are beginning to wake up to this truth.

Do you remember Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous research on the impact of language on water crystals? 

This experiment proved that water crystals increased their beauty and perfection when exposed to positive language. The two images are showing Dr. Emotos famous work. 

Your home and environment are impacted in the same way.  

Your space is a reflection of your subconscious mind and it has the power to deeply influence every aspect of your life.

When you nurture the space and the land on which it sits, you will begin to shift the vibration. 

And when the vibration shifts, your home will start to support you.


That means the energy of your space can either help you manifest anything you want….or block you entirely.

Which is why for the last two decades, I've been guiding clients through my proven technique combining Space Healing and Feng Shui to help clients achieve miracles of abundance such as:  

  • Finally getting meeting their soulmate after years of feeling stuck 
  • Having children when previously it wasn’t happening for them
  • Releasing toxic people and relationship patterns easily after being in that pattern for years.
  • Increasing business profits after space activation in their office

This is the

Until now this was only available to my German clients and a select number of Elite Feng Shui clients who owned large pieces of land that I was doing private energy work on.  

I have consulted on large developments, castles, acres of land, as well as homes both small and large to ensure that the energetics of each space are designed to create expansion for its inhabitants.  

But I did not stumble upon this easily.


So Who am I and Why have I made it My Life’s Work to Create this New Modality called Space Activation for you?

Because I am fortunate to be living a beautifully manifested life. As a Feng Shui Master, I have trained clients worldwide and have hundreds of graduates to my name. Every year, I lead a Space Healing training in Bali, and my expertise is in high demand globally. Thanks to my ability to create my own reality by working with the energy of my homes and spaces—I have been able to manifest incredible properties, real estate investments, and new business opportunities, such as deals with well-known brands and book offers.

But it wasn’t always this…

At 25, I thought following what society told me was right would lead to a secure life. Born in Germany, with roots in the Balkans, a deep connection to nature's spirit was my heritage.

I had just graduated from college and was about to start my career, but I felt like I was missing out on something more from life. So, I took a massive leap of faith, abandoned my plan to start a “normal” life, and instead chose an unconventional path. This path led to self-discovery and diving deep into the wisdom of Feng Shui, at first.

As I did Feng Shui consultations for homes, businesses, and even castles (yes, you read that right), I sensed something was still missing, because the energy could not be fully transformed using “only” Feng Shui.

First, I learned the Taoist earth healing wisdom, then from different native tribes such as the Mamos from Colombia. This is how I learned about rituals, the ancient art of communicating with and healing Mother Earth. 

Step by step, I created a method to connect with a space's soul through meditations and rituals, and a technique to heal old energies in the land.

My mission evolved to helping others find their heart's calling, courageously pursuing their unique soul's purpose, and unfolding their potential and evolving.

 It took me time to realize that today I am living the life I’ve always manifested. I have an amazing family. My husband and I were married for 26 years and have 4 children. Last year we moved from Germany to Serbia to live in our home country. My business grew to seven figures without me spending money on ads at all.

I truly believe that following the path of Feng Shui and Space Activation as a practice and philosophy of life was the key.

The best thing is, my clients' manifestations also start materializing as they start a consultation with me, or start training in the art of Space Activation and implementing the principles in their lives and businesses.

Imagine a life where success isn't just a goal… but a natural state.


Well it's possible. 

Except most people will tell you it’s not.  

They’ll have you focus all your personal development on everything but what is right in front of you all the time…


Instead, this is completely overlooked.

The consequence of not understanding that energy is at your fingertips to wield in whatever direction you choose looks like this:

  • Cycles of Negativity and Negative Loops:  This is where you complain to your friend and say “i’m out of alignment” and “things aren’t flowing” and you can’t seem to get out of the cycle and move towards continual expansion instead.
  • Drained Vitality: Your living environment seems to drain rather than rejuvenate your energy. This imbalance manifests as constant lethargy, making feeling vibrant and truly happy challenging
  • Success Glass Ceiling:  Even with your success, you face a challenge in aligning the energy of your living space with your personal vibrancy. Although your home may not be cluttered, your environment lacks the harmony and positive flow needed for peak productivity and positivity. This energetic misalignment leads to stress and imbalance (physically or emotionally), hindering your true potential.
  • Limited Manifestation:  You’re really good at manifesting some things, sometimes…but not consistently.  Your energy and space as well as your alignment with it will determine your ability to work with Qi energy and wield it for exceptional wealth, health and abundance.  If your manifestations are inconsistent its simply because your energy is too.

    But instead people often overlook the power of aligning the ENERGY of your space.

    We are not talking about simply rearranging furniture here.

    We are talking about Ancient Wisdom of how to work with energy and flow to direct energy towards magnifying your desires in wealth creation, family, love and creativity.     

The Energy of Your Space will directly determine the level of your capacity for success in every single area of your life.

Most people miss this KEY entirely and live unconscious to the effect their space is truly having on them. 

Luckily…you’re not everyone and you’re here on this page because you were drawn here. 

An inner knowing that recognizes we were born to be able to work in harmony with the energy of life…we just need to learn how to wield it.

Real results

“I am in Flow and Business is Growing!”

My journey with Danijela's SpaceActivation training transformed my approach to creativity and business. I started working on more significant and profitable business projects, doubling my income without increasing my working hours. This training has been both practical and spiritually enlightening, and I can only describe it as a 'blessing for my soul.’

“Going from Illness and an Unfulfilling Job to Owning My Own Business"

My family's life transformed through SpaceActivation. We were battling health issues for months, feeling drained. After doing a SpaceActivation in my home, as I learned in the training, my family and I moved from illness to vitality. I transitioned from an unhappy employee to owning a TCM business, helping clients experience the same transformation I did.

The truth is…

Once you learn how to activate the energy in your space and understand its immense power, you'll be amazed at how…

  • Your environment actively supports your own personal journey of expansion
  • How easy it is to attract wealth, new business opportunities, a more abundant home and even best friends and soulmate partners
  • Areas of your life that were stuck and stagnant miraculously improve.

Knowing specifically how to activate and work with the energy of your space leads to:

  • More intuitive aligned decision making because your environment is supporting you in living in that alignment more consistently and at a higher frequency.
  • Deeper connection to your Spiritual Self so that you are guided by that wisdom in all areas of your life…and things just start to flow for you.
  • You seamlessly attract what you want—money, clients, love, a new home, new business opportunities, a pay increase and more.
  • Amplification of your Best Self Qualities. Your space will now be reflecting your Highest Essence and Gifts which brings higher self-worth and confidence in your abilities.
  • Creative Focus that allows you to feel energized by doing work or even chores in your space.  Your productivity blooms in an environment perfectly attuned to your dreams, goals and desires.

Just like Dr. Emoto proved, the energy and intention of your space can radically change the desired outcome and people who understand this are consistent at manifesting results in life and at work.  

That’s why I created the Feng Shui Space Activation Certification

During this 6-month unique Space Activation Training, you'll learn the art of sensing and shifting the energy in your surroundings. 

This program isn't just about making aesthetic changes; it's about deeply understanding and activating the energy of your space to align it with your aspirations for health, relationships, and success.

You will discover the secrets to creating an environment that reflects and amplifies your vision of your dream life. Through this training, you'll gain the skills to perceive the subtle energies around you and mold them in a way that supports your journey toward fulfillment and prosperity.

Imagine living and working in spaces that resonate with your deepest desires, where every corner is infused with energy that nurtures and propels you forward.

This manifestation and reality IS the power of Space Activation. 

You will transform your environment into your greatest ally on your path to personal and professional greatness.

Here's what you'll unlock:

Spiritual Awakening

Elevate your spiritual journey, whether for personal enlightenment or professional prowess.

Mastery of Energy Dynamics

Gain the expertise to balance and direct energy flows, creating spaces that resonate with harmony and vitality.

Practical Application of Advanced Techniques

Learn and apply transformative methods to infuse environments with positive energy, aiding prosperity and well-being.

Heightened Intuition

Develop a keen intuitive sense for energy perceptions, crucial for effective space activation.

Your Journey Through Two Proven Transformative Teaching Stages:

Stage 1 - Learning and Mastery

Delve into energy clearing and healing techniques. Cultivate your intuitive understanding of energy fields and apply these skills practically.

Stage 2 - Activation and Spiritual Enhancement

Experience powerful activations that heighten your spiritual awareness, fine-tuning your ability to influence and transform energy.

The Space Activation Training is designed not just to educate but to transform.

Enjoy a flexible and adaptable training timeline, perfect for even the busiest schedule. 

You can calculate with 3 hours per week to accomplish the training within 6 months. 

If still life gets into your way? You can catch up on your training when you get time. The monthly mentoring calls are also recorded, and you can even turn in your questions even if you are not attending.  I'll answer them and you get your answer when you catch the replay.

Real results

“I am using Space Activation as an Architect and My Clients are Thrilled!”

By learning Space Activation, I've transformed my approach to architecture. I've mastered the art of integrating Space Activation principles into my projects, resulting in designs that deeply resonate with my clients. The training perfectly blended the practical techniques of Eastern traditions with Western design philosophies. This has enabled me to create homes with soul and spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and spiritually aligned. The impact on my clients and my career has been incredible."

- Angelica

Here's what you'll learn:

PART 1: Mastery of Energy

PART 2: Harmonizing and Activating Flow with Feng Shui

PART 3: The Art of SpaceActivation

This process focuses on cleansing, shifting, and activating the energy flow in your home or office, offering a transformative path to elevate every aspect of your life. It’s a life-changing journey to change spaces and uplift your entire existence.

Here’s How the Program Works:

  • The SpaceActivation Training starts May 2024
  • When you sign up, you gain instant access to our Welcome Module, granting you the opportunity to begin energy shifting before the official Training starts. This early access allows you to become familiar with the material, set intentions, align your goals, and connect and attune for your upcoming transformative journey.
  • Your Training Platform: Gain exclusive access to 9 modules featuring exercises and specially recorded videos. Each module focuses on deepening your understanding and skills in space activation.
  • Activation Meditations and Exercises: Unlock a series of unique activation meditations and exercises. These resources enhance your learning experience and facilitate the practical application of the concepts taught.
  • Live Monthly Online Calls: Benefit from 6 monthly LIVE online calls where you can interact directly with the experts. These sessions are invaluable for asking questions, getting personalized mentoring, and deepening your understanding of the training material.
  • Facebook Community: Our Facebook Group is a fun, nurturing, and inspiring community where you can share experiences, gain new insights, and network with your colleagues. It's a space for mutual support and collaboration, enriching your journey in Space Activation and opening up new opportunities for growth and connection. The Facebook Group will open one month before the start of the training on February 24th, 2024.

You are never alone:

Our monthly mentoring sessions allow you to explore the training more profoundly, ask questions, and learn from others’ experiences. You are supported, guided, and nurtured on your journey of SpaceActivation—ensuring that you feel empowered to implement the learned techniques effectively. It is a collaborative and supportive environment where we celebrate your progress is celebrated, and any difficulties are met with tailored solutions and encouragement. And this space offers the unique opportunity to get personalized expert advice, inspiration, and insights from Danijela.

Our Facebook Group is a fun, nurturing, and inspiring community where you can share experiences, gain new insights, and network with your colleagues. It's a space for mutual support and collaboration, enriching your journey in Space Activation and opening up new opportunities for growth and connection. The Facebook Group will open one month before the start of the training on February 24th, 2024.

Your Bonuses (total value $2000):

"Going Beyond Feng Shui"

The 6-Week Clutter-Free Program" (Value: $500):

This bonus program complements your training by focusing on decluttering. Over six weeks, you'll learn how to create a clutter-free environment that supports energy flow and balance.

Complementary Admission

To All Our Coming Workshops (Value: $500):

Choose between "Future Selfing with Feng Shui" or the "Feng Shui to Go" workshop. These workshops provide additional opportunities to deepen your understanding and practical Feng Shui and space activation skills.

Super Special Bonus - Available Only Until December 31, 2023:

60-Minute SpaceActivation Reading with Danijela 
(Value: $1000):

Receive a personal, 60-minute Space Activation reading live with Danijela Saponjic. This exclusive session offers personalized insights and advice to align your environment with your goals and energy.

Hello, I'm Danijela Saponjic, and I'm not your typical Feng Shui and SpaceHealing guide. For me, this isn't just about rearranging furniture or decorating rooms; it's a profound philosophy of life. It's a way to create balance, harmony, and a deep connection with the natural world that surrounds us.

Over the past two decades, I've dedicated myself to guiding individuals like you to unlock their full potential by crafting thriving environments that align seamlessly with their visions and goals. My passion for transformation runs deep, and my approach has positively impacted countless lives. 

My gift sets me apart—the ability to teach others how to turn their spaces into allies in the journey to transform dreams into living realities. I've seen the incredible power of harmonizing your environment with your intentions, and I'm here to share this knowledge with you.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of Space Activation, where you'll discover how to make your space a true partner in manifesting your dreams. Together, we'll unlock the secrets of energy flow, clarity, and connection to create a life of balance and prosperity.

Your Investment


 Be among the first trained in the life-changing Art of SpaceActivation.


Starting your journey today, you'll unlock special bonuses. 

Firstly, you'll benefit from the  lifelong access to your training materials and all future updates.

Secondly, you'll receive personalized support during the training through our monthly LIVE Calls and our private Facebook Group, ensuring you're always supported and your questions never go unanswered.

And finally, you will be one of the first in the world to receive this training, giving you the advantage of shifting towards abundance and strengthening your manifestation skills.

Our program kicks off in May 2024.

However, as soon as you register, you'll gain immediate access to your exclusive bonuses and our Welcome Module. So, you can begin your transformation today to activate your energy (internally and externally) for maximum impact for the incredible journey ahead.

My Invitation to You…

This 6-Month SpaceActivation journey is truly transformative, healing, and deeply inspiring.

 Through this program, you will gain the ability to read, heal, and shift energy within spaces and within yourself. As you master the art of energy, you'll find yourself capable of transforming and transmuting energy in various aspects of your life, whether it's love, space, situations, or interactions.

With two decades of experience, I've had the privilege of teaching this modality to many individuals, witnessing remarkable shifts in their personal and professional lives, whether as entrepreneurs or employees.

As mentioned, once you grasp the power of energy transformation, you'll naturally start harnessing this newfound gift.

I am here to create the space for your learning and guide you through this incredible journey.

I'm truly honored to welcome you to my Space Activation Training.



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