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Danijela is a Feng Shui and SpaceHealing master with 20 years of experience. Her personalized consultations will provide expert guidance and tailored recommendations to create an environment that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Book your exclusive consultation now, and let's work together to elevate the energy of your living or workspace to new heights!

Danijela can't wait to collaborate and create a space that nurtures your soul, ignites your inspiration, and activates your abundance.

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Personal Feng Shui Session

Transform Your Home's Energy Today!

In this one-hour session, Danijela provides tailored guidance to unlock your home's hidden potential, creating a space that flows effortlessly and attracts abundance.

Take the first step towards a vibrant living space for just 500€.

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Business Feng Shui Session

Activate Your Business Environment!

In this one-hour session, Danijela will provide valuable insights and strategies to optimize your business environment for growth, productivity, and prosperity.

Ignite positive energy and take your business to new heights for only 1000€.

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Love Notes

"Just in this one afternoon, I got so much clarity on which ideas to move forward with, plus new ideas that I hadn’t even considered. I came with a list of very actionable items for how I could improve the workflow and enhance the prosperity of my restaurant space, and I was delighted by what immediate results I got."

Leanne Valenti, Austin, TX

"Ms Saponjic always had an open ear for me and my concerns. Our company has been open for over half a year, and the developments are incredibly positive! In addition to the necessary specialist knowledge, she has the sensitivity required for such a delicate and complex topic as opening a shop. Thank you very much!"

Kim Sam, Feng Shui Business Consultation

"Our conversation with Danijela was profoundly inspiring. Once we got home, we implemented the suggestions she gave us step by step — and we were AMAZED by the results. We got exactly what we were looking for. Our home has never felt so alive. "

Britta S., Feng Shui Consultation

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